How to choose the right smart toilets for your bathroom?

Unlike traditional toilets, a smart toilet utilize advanced and innovative features to ensure optimal convenience and user comfort. With built-in features like auto opening, auto flushing, automatic dryers, heated seats, self-closing seats etc, they meet your specific needs and preferences.

There are so many smart toilets on the market. Even in our shop you can find many models with different price. Choosing the best smart toilets was more challenging than you might think. Keep on reading to make sure you’d get your money’s worth.

Before you purchase, please check the rough-in distance as well as your water pressure. Make sure the distance between the toilet’s rear finished wall and the center of the drain line is 12 inches. All of our smart toilets have a standard rough-in of 12 inches.

We have two types of smart toilets: tankless and tank built-in. The tankless models require higher water pressure to ensure stable flushing performance, while the model with tank built-in can be used regardless of water pressure. If the water pressure in your house is not good, we suggest you choose the one with tank.

Comparison of Casta Diva Smart Toilets 

Then let us take toilet appearance, features and price into account. We have Y series, K series and U series in different styles. Choose the design you like. The more features you like, the higher price you need to pay. We compared the features, prices and models of our smart toilets above so that you can have a clear overview of them. 

Automatic Seat & Flush

Automatic seat opening and flushing are popular because they allow for a completely hands-free experience.

When you approach the smart toilet, the lid will open automatically, and also flush and close when you leave. This feature is great for keeping your hands clean and can also be very helpful for people who often forget to flush the toilet.

Heated Seat Warmer

Everyone knows how uncomfortable it can be to sit on a cold toilet seat in winter. With a heated seat, you won’t have that problem anymore. Using the remote control, you can even adjust the temperature and save the settings so your toilet is always the exact temperature you prefer.

Built-in bidets

Smart toilets feature built-in bidets with adjustable water pressure and temperature, providing a more thorough and gentle cleaning experience compared to toilet paper alone. This can benefit individuals with sensitive skin, hemorrhoids, or mobility limitations.

Self-Cleaning Function

Our smart toilets come equipped with self-cleaning functions that use UV light to sanitize the spray nozzle, reducing the need for manual cleaning.

Digital Display

Some of our smart toilets come equipped with a digital display, which indicates the real time seat temperature, water temperature and dryer temperature. It would be helpful by temperature setting.

Blackout Flushing

Some smart toilets have emergency flushing functions so that you can flush the toilet without problem during power outage. 

Remote Controls

All of our smart toilets come with a remote control that make it easy to adjust settings and access features with the touch of a button.

Water Conservation Features

Designed with water-saving features such as dual-flush options, low-flow flushing systems, and sensors that detect when to use less water for liquid waste.

Like every unit, smart toilets also have their pros and cons. For example, they save space, consume less water, and are excellent for both elderly and differently-abled persons. On the other hand, they are more expensive, require electricity, and take time to learn how to use. Further, in case of any damage, the repair might cost more than it would for a standard toilet.

We hope this article helped show what the difference of these smart toilets and which one is the perfect choice for you.